When it all goes sideways…

When the Lenin Power Station / Chernobyl nuclear reactor #4 melted down and exploded on 26 April 1986 in the Ukraine SSR, it was days before the West knew anything was amiss in the “Worker’s Paradise”… When West Germany, Denmark and Sweden began reporting a huge plume of radiation wafting northwest from the Ukraine, the Soviet news services Tass and Pravda (‘truth’) finally published a ‘below the fold’ story about a ‘minor test mishap’ at Chernobyl. The truth of course, was far, FAR worse.

This docu-drama from the BBC conveys some of the horror and confusion of that accident… it literally sent chills down my spine in a couple of places. It also pretty graphically exposes the systemic flaws in the Soviet model of government: strict hierarchy, pathological denial, a ‘CYA’ mindset, and a deep, pervading SECRECY that stifled EVERYTHING. The courage and self-sacrifice of hundreds of individual Ukrainians and Russians nearly went for naught in the face of such monolithic turpitude. The Soviet Union died at Chernobyl IMHO.

Wikipedia: Chernobyl

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